20 Best Places to Eat in Pleasanton, CA

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Pleasanton is influenced by many cultures and features delicious cuisines and wine flavors. Being such a wonderful place to live, the city also has amazing restaurants, which makes it challenging to pick one to dine out on a special occasion.

In this article, we've compiled the top 20 must-try restaurants where you can dine and wine as you search for townhomes in Pleasanton, CA. Read on to find out what they offer:

1. Brava Garden Eatery

If you are an Argentine or Italian food enthusiast, check out the menu at Brava Garden Eatery, which is located in the bustling downtown. You can try the tasty fettuccine Bolognese, pies, or empanadas. This restaurant makes delicious apple tarts, fruitcakes, and gelato, and you can savor excellent white sangria, wine, or beer after a long workday. Also, don't forget to sample some excellent juice, espresso, and lemonade. The restaurant prioritizes offering a combination of delicious food and friendly staff.

2. Pizza Bello

At Pizza Bello, you can munch on some pepperoni, pizza salads, and perfectly prepared pesto chicken. Top-ranking chefs will also make you delicious frozen yogurt, gelato, and biscuits. Most customers prefer their tasty margaritas, draft beer, and wine. However, without good local lemonade, the restaurant's impression won't be complete. Pizza Bello is also popular for its excellent customer service and accommodative crew that is always willing to assist you.

3. Papillon

Papillon is a popular restaurant that serves lunch and dinner in Pleasanton. With 20 years of experience in the industry, you can choose to eat in a formal dining room or a large open area with lots of natural light.

The banquet room at Papillon provides space for over 50 customers. The restaurant's menu features a wide selection of appetizers and main dishes with French influences. 


REVE is a well-known French bistro that embraces all customers in Pleasanton. You can savor your French-inspired lunch while the chefs at REVE take you on a gourmet journey to France. Many French hors d'oeuvres, soups, salads, entrees, and sides are available on the REVE menu. Online table reservations are also available at REVE for increased convenience.

5. The Press

Photo courtesy of The Press
The Press is a must-check out for brunch. The Press offers organic cuisine selections along with vegetarian and vegan options. Besides delivering delicious food that is also aesthetically beautiful, this restaurant is popular for conveying a more hipster and relaxed vibe. They also have fantastic coffee, which you should definitely try.

6. Khyber Pass Kabob

Photo courtesy of Khyber Pass Kabob
If you want to explore Afghan culture, make sure to dine at Khyber Pass Kabob. The restaurant is famous for its warm, exquisitely decorated, traditionally Afghan environment. They also provide large amounts of some of the best-tasting Afghan food in the neighborhood.

7. Blossom Vegan Restaurant

Blossom is famous for having vegan food with a flavor resembling non-vegan cuisine. It's difficult to believe the cuisine at this restaurant is vegan because it's so excellent. As soon as you enter, you meet a paradisiacal, vacation-like atmosphere that makes you feel you are on a faraway tropical island.

8. Le Petit Bistro

This restaurant offers a delectable selection of French fare in a welcoming atmosphere. They have a wide selection of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts on the restaurant's menu. The daily specials on the restaurant's menu are many and frequently change based on the season. Online reservations for dinner are available to customers.

9. Forno Vecchio

Forno Vecchio is the best Italian restaurant if you're seeking one. Only the best and freshest ingredients feature in the recipes at this family-run establishment. Since this restaurant is off Main Street in Pleasanton, finding quick parking shouldn't be a problem. As an appetizer, be sure to order some of their cheesy breadsticks!

10. Limitless Axes & Ales

You can have fun with your friends here while enjoying some delicious broth, nacho chips, and pizza at Limitless Axes & Ales. Many people come here to sample the tasty Brezeln. After a long workday, you can sip wonderful craft beer, ale, or wine. Limitless Axes & Ales is popular for its excellent customer service and the welcoming team is ready and willing to assist you. The tasty dishes at this establishment merit attention.

11. Local Poke

The cuisine served at Local Poke is classical Hawaiian. If you're nearby, order a tasty poke bowl at Local Poke with marinated salmon, crab, or other seafood. The chefs also make excellent flija and wonderful ice cream. This location is popular for its excellent customer service and helpful personnel. You'll enjoy quality foods at excellent prices. Further, Local Poke has a cozy atmosphere and elegant décor suitable for a family lunch out.

12. Wild One Grill

Photo courtesy of Wild One Grill
This restaurant has a reputation for providing tasty Mexican cuisine. You might find some tasty fish like tuna, spicy salmon, and grilled chicken on their menu. You can ask for juicy watermelon salads and top-notch gelato before your main dish. If you'd like to relax on a weekend, you can sip on delectable house wine, white sangria, or draft beer. You can also place a takeout order at this restaurant. The food at this eatery is well priced, and you also have an option of preferring a dine-in or pick-up.

13. Elia

Elia also has a strong reputation for serving amazing items with natural ingredients. You'll find delicacies like cheesecakes, baklava, and excellent vanilla ice cream on their menu items. Delicious wine, liqueur, or beer are some of the most popular beverages at this establishment. Elia is a great location to host a meeting or have a business lunch with your colleagues.

14. De La Torre's Trattoria

De La Torre's Trattoria is a popular Italian trattoria specializing in delicious calamari, Caesar salads, and Margherita pizza. You should visit De la Torre's Trattoria to sample the delicious gelato, rich pastries, and bread pudding. It is located at 6025 W Las Positas Blvd, so you can pass by while looking for houses for sale in Pleasanton, CA.

15. Sabio on Main

The cuisine served at Sabio on Main is international and often a big attraction to visitors. You can get oysters, grilled lamb, and wonderfully prepared gnocchi. Sabio on Main serves delicious panna cotta, apple pie, and beignets. Many guests place orders for delicious chardonnay, artisan beer, or bourbon. This location is ideal for any of your special occasions.

16. Nonni's Bistro

Nonni's Bistro is located near Museum on Main, so you can walk in immediately if you feel hungry and sample their delectable smoked salmon, eggs benedict, and salmon salads. Crepes, gelato, and French toast. These are all excellent dessert options, so you try each at a time.

Purchase one of the delicious mimosas, stouts, or wines on offer, or visit Nonni's Bistro for tasty iced tea, fresh juices, or chocolate frappe. The environment around Nonni's Bistro is often serene, and visitors can feel at ease and enjoy themselves. Every Sunday you can listen to live music as you enjoy your meal.

17. La Sen Bistro

Located in Concord, La Sen Bistro gives French food a distinctive touch by fusing it with Vietnamese traditions and culture. This restaurant is an ideal place to go for a romantic date or an evening out with your family and friends.

The distinctive fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisine exposes you to foreign delicacies giving you a real taste of the many cultures in Pleasanton. A variety of conventional and cutting-edge French-Vietnamese appetizers, soups, and main dishes are on the menu at La Sen Bistro. La Sen Bistro is open for both lunch and dinner.

18. New Thai Bistro

Right at the heart of pleasant, New Thai Bistro offers top-class Thai cuisine. The chefs at New Thai Bistro do their best to serve diners delectable shrimp pad Thai, tom yum, and chicken roti. Try the asida, sticky mango rice, and well-cooked coconut ice cream. This establishment has good wine, liqueur, beer, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. You can get wonderful lemonade, iced tea, or Thai iced tea there.

19. Curry Kona Fusion Food

Stop by Curry Kona Fusion Food to sample delicious Indian pizza, chicken tikka, and paneer when you are nearby. Curry Kona Fusion Food has a reputation for serving delicious asida and nicely prepared yogurt. This restaurant may also be top on your list if you enjoy a tasty Marsala.

20. The Kebab Shop

Many guests at this restaurant recommend it for the tasty Mediterranean cuisine. You can enjoy the tenderloin, doner, and chicken wraps at The Kebab Shop. Mouthwatering lemonade is among the drinks on the menu just for you. A key perk of this restaurant is food delivery. This place is recommendable because of the caring staff's dedication, optimism, and hard work.

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